Audio post

Audio post

A new tech solution, H&M Voice Interactive Mirror, is now running live in the worlds’ largest H&M Flagship store at Times Square, NYC. Together with Microsoft, H&M and Ombori, Visual Art has developed a customer experience totally based on voice and face recognition – this technique gives the mirror power to answer to the customers’ demand. It is a one of a kind solution, exclusively found in this particular store.


Elizabeth Woodville Primary School in Leicester (England), with a strong commitment to digital learning thanks to the team of teachers, has integrated Clevertouch Plus screens in the classroom to create an inspiring educational environment that fosters the ethos in the students.

University of Essex is continuing to invest in the acquisition of Calibre HQView620A scaler-switchers. The university has seen a dramatic increase in student numbers, requiring it to update all the rooms across its estate such that it has the flexibility to deliver any kind of teaching from any room.

Luke Halls Studio is a multidisciplinary study that has received several awards in the field of audiovisual creations design and projections for artistic performances. They specialize in the production of audiovisual designs and animations for a wide variety of music, theater and dance shows.