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Gaia Nomaya Wellness Center is a music, wellness and arts space, dedicated to using music as medicine and art as therapy.

A social wellness environment where visitors can have fun and hear music, yet also experience a range of healthy self-care options, the space is also used for outside events that support the neighborhood, such as concerts and weddings.

“It’s a truly multi-use space with the focus on healthy living”, explains Andrew Goldin, Gaia Nomaya’s Founder and CEO, who launched the venue with his partners Sara Ramirez Loaiza and his brother David Goldin.


But the central core of Gaia Nomaya is its Wellness Womb, an island of serenity with a calming, immersive aural ambience created using eight Genelec 4430A Smart IP Installation Loudspeakers.


The installation began as Robert Stern, Account Manager with Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), had a conversation with audio engineer and designer Silas Drewchin (of the Praxis Audio Design Group), a friend of the founders and the facility, who told Stern he had a client, Gaia Nomaya, with a very unique space and wanted to install immersive audio.Gaia Genelec 1 HI


I recently had an exchange with Genelec Inc.’s Senior Technical Sales Manager Paul Stewart, who made me aware of their new IP speakers, the 4430As, which we agreed would be perfect for this installation and use. Then I pitched the idea of installing the 4430s to Silas and Gaia Nomaya, who had a lot of questions, so we jumped on a call with Paul Stewart, who offered a comprehensive explanation – soon everyone was super-pumped about the idea. So I ordered and delivered them to Silas, who installed them at the facility, stated Stern. 


The Genelec 4430As are used to play continuous streams of soothing music and sounds that evoke forests, oceans and other tranquil environments. It’s the Genelecs’ ability to faithfully reproduce all of those sonic experiences that make them so valuable to Gaia Nomaya’s mission.


The beauty of the system is that it lets the music transport people to those environments. But they’re also excellent for all of the other things we do here, from having a DJ in to hosting jazz and other types of music. The Genelec loudspeakers do it all – and sound great doing it, says Goldin.


There’s one other aspect that both Gaia Nomaya and Genelec have in common that supports both their missions. “One of the things that makes our location special is that 90 percent of the space is made with repurposed and reusable materials”, Goldin explains. 


And if you look around, you’ll see what look like giant crystals all over the space, but they’re actually glass rocks, called eco rocks, that were recycled from the ocean. Well, we learned that the vast majority of Genelec loudspeakers are made from recycled aluminum, which is very beneficial for the environment. Once we found out about that — a major brand like Genelec that’s actually thinking about the way they’re constructing their products to actually help the planet — it made so much sense that we connected with the company, because their mission really aligns with ours. Sustainable is beautiful, and so is Genelec’s sound.

Gaia Genelec 2 HI

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