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Hikvision has provided a CWCF Pitch 1.8 LED screen to the Voxel School, a digital arts university center.

This is a giant screen measuring 6 x 2 meters located in the center's auditorium, and it offers students a professional studio identical to those they will find in the professional field when working on audiovisual content generation platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple…

The screen is composed of connected modules with no distance between frames, making the seams invisible —referred to as seamless—, it provides a brightness of 800,000 nits to ensure perfect visibility under any room lighting conditions, and the relationship between viewing distance and screen size has been studied. Additionally, it is flush with the stage to achieve perfect integration between real images and 3D backgrounds. The device offers long-lasting durability of approximately 100,000 hours.


The main use of this super screen is as a recording studio for virtual production techniques —a combination of real images with 3D recreations—, although it also has more conventional uses, such as projecting presentations or images of speakers.


Jesús Hidalgo, co-founder of the university center, states that “this screen is ideal for all the educational uses we are giving it, and we are delighted with the results”.

Hikvision, the manufacturer, and Global TV, the integrator, have worked closely to optimize the performance of this screen. “The installation process was simple thanks to our LED solutions, and then we could focus on the technical aspects", explains Albert Rosal, AV Pro Solutions Manager at Hikvision. Indeed, the technical part required very detailed work.


We made many adjustments to the refresh rate, colorimetry, and so on, and we achieved 100% of the screen's capabilities, explains Alberto Poza, Commercial Director of Global TV.

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