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FKP Scorpio and Temple Live Entertainment turned to Panasonic Connect Europe to bring Monet's paintings to life.


When FKP Scorpio and Temple Live Entertainment acquired the rights to bring the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet to life in an inspiring interactive and immersive experience for Sweden they turned to technology experts – Panasonic Connect Europe for projectors, Swiss content pioneers Projektil and world-leading system integrators Creative Technology.


Highly visual and immersive experiences are the new form of entertainment. But to make these experiences stand out, you need the very best in visual quality and Panasonic and our team delivers that quality – day in and day out, said Bozo Rasic, Managing Director of FKP Scorpio.

Monets Garden Panasonic 1 HIThe immersive art experience MONET’S GARDEN is a fantastic 360-degree journey through the history and works of one of the greatest artists of the past century. The unique exhibition concept is staged with state-of-the- art multimedia technology, which allows visitors to immerse themselves completely in the world and famous artworks of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840- 1926).

Three rooms – The Studio, The Garden and The Showroom – provide new perspectives on Monet's life, his work and his masterpieces. The Studio immerses the audience in the artist’s perceptions and techniques. Monet's central themes of light, shadow, wind, and the element of water as a reflective surface are integrated and woven into the experience. The Garden is where real and digital perception merge, as the visitor is literally drawn into Monet's garden by the interactive installation. Just as in Monet's paintings, the entire space here glows with vibrant and organic colour particles. This extraordinary garden landscape inspires a short stroll across the bridge and the wall projections change interactively with the visitors. Lastly, The Showroom is where guests can fully immerse themselves in Monet's world-famous paintings. The water lily paintings, the culmination of Monet's creative work, are presented as the finale of the story. The entire room becomes a gigantic water lily pond, creating the illusion of an endless whole.


Monet’s work was often across large canvasses and it looks spectacular across the walls and floors of the experience when brought to life digitally. But to create this incredible spectacle the set-up and the high colour quality of the projectors is critical, said Creative Technology Technician Rasmus Lilliestierna, one of the engineers responsible for installing the show. 


Monets Garden Panasonic 4 HI   Monets Garden Panasonic 5 HI


Monet’s Garden uses 37 Panasonic PT-RZ120 Series laser projectors with DLE060 and DLE150 lenses. The compact projectors are ideal for intensive use and long-lasting high brightness in immersive environments. The projectors offer high brightness of 12000lm, WUXGA resolution and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, while the System Daylight View 3 optimises sharp and vivid images even in bright environments. The PT-RZ120 also shares optional lenses with all the Panasonic 1-Chip DLP projector family, so the same projector can be used in smaller or larger rooms.

Ease of set-up under pressure

With the immersive experience created in a temporary build on Djurgården in Stockholm, the Creative Technology team was under pressure to install the Panasonic projectors quickly. Rasmus said that the lightweight of the compact projectors and the ease of set-up using the remote made the Panasonic devices a pleasure to work with.

Monets Garden Panasonic 6 HI“Never having used this model before, I was very surprised by their lightweight. Ten years ago, you would never have been able to hang this type of projector with just two people and a skylift”, explained Rasmus.

The flexible installation option of the RZ120 means that the projector can be used in rooms of almost any size. The geometric adjustment enables projection onto curved or specially shaped screens and its compact body and the 360 degrees free settings mean the projector can be installed and project at any angle.

The team used the projectors’ remote control functionality for blending and warping the images. “I was at first sceptical when it was suggested we use the controller to set-up the projectors but it was very accurate and easy to use. It saved us a lot of time”, said Rasmus.

Since the opening of Monet’s Garden in Stockholm in June 2023, the show has been running without hitch.


The projectors are incredibly reliable and the visual quality remains so high. We have projectors that have been running for 3000 and 300 hours and the quality output is the same, added Rasmus. 


High quality images worthy of the masters

The series provides accurate white balance and colour reproduction in any projection mode and maintains high picture quality for very long periods.

Monets Garden Panasonic 3 HIThe Detail Clarity Processor 3 image processing circuit clarifies and enhances the finest details of art images. The dust- resistant cabinet with its airtight optical block also helps reduce maintenance and extends the life of the projector with up to 20,000 hours of continuous maintenance-free operation. The dual-drive optical engine with dual phosphor wheels ensures reliable 24/7 operation with light-source failover protection, while the projector’s high-speed backup input switching helps minimise screen blanking during projection.

 Photo credits: Biggy/Monet’s Garden

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