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The Torres de Colón are two skyscrapers located in Plaza de Colón, in the center of Madrid, Spain.

Designed by architect Antonio Lamela, they were built in the 1970s and are an iconic symbol of the Madrid skyline. Each tower stands at approximately 117 meters tall and consists of 27 floors. Their architecture is characterized by straight lines and a glass facade that reflects light, giving them a modern and elegant appearance. At the base of the towers, there is a pedestrian plaza that connects to the urban environment, and inside, they house offices and commercial spaces. Their distinctive design, with glass facades and clean lines, makes them stand out on the city's horizon, offering an impressive view from different points in the Spanish capital.

Since 2019, their owning company, Mutua Madrileña, has renovated the building, removing the base floors and the plug-shaped top, replaced by two new four-story structures designed by architect Luis Vidal.


The skyscrapers' warning public address system has been entrusted to the COMPACT voice alarm system by OPTIMUS, with a central unit of 4,000 W RMS power supplying approximately 600 ceiling speakers and exponential speakers, controlled from a DC-700ETH/T microphone central unit.


Optimus TorresColon 2 HIIn addition, three communication and signaling systems have been implemented to ensure security and accessibility: accessible bathroom systems with OPTIMUS KB-10F kits, access control with FANVIL i62 audio and video intercoms, and security with over 140 vandal-resistant and weatherproof EP-44SIPH audio intercoms. These devices feature induction loops, large red SOS letters, a pre-recorded call-in-progress message, an accessibility pictogram, and the word CALL in Braille, suitable for refuge areas as per Annex A of the Technical Building Code CTE DB SI.

The OPTIMUS EP-44 series, along with the complete industrial range from J&R, featuring VoIP via SIP protocol, offers advanced integration capabilities with SCADA and similar systems via HTTP/JSON, common in security, alarm, and CCTV installations.

Integration enables automatic notification of device status changes, such as identifying who is making and receiving a call, whether the device is idle or connected, or the event time. Furthermore, it allows remote instructions to be easily sent via any browser to perform actions such as calling an intercom, hanging up, ending the call, and activating or deactivating relays, among other functions. This feature is realized, for example, in integration with the Desico platform or the Honeywell EBI (Enterprise Buildings Integrator) platform.

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