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As part of its commitment to sustainability, Sony Professional supports fashion designer Stella McCartney.


In the staging of her show for Paris Fashion Week® 2024, Sony provides 43 BRAVIA professional screens from its BZ40L and BZ30L range.


The best of Sony technology with reduced environmental impact

The challenge was to provide clear, bright, and high-quality images that would fit the designer's staging in a very bright runway environment demanding greenhouse. The BRAVIA BZ40L series was the ideal solution.

This series benefits from the latest industry-leading display technologies to deliver maximum quality image performance and state-of-the-art panel treatment, unlike competing displays in the market. The BRAVIA BZ40L incorporates Deep Black Non-Glare (DBNG) technology to deliver incredible image quality while mitigating reflections even in the most challenging lighting conditions. This ensures that the screens maintain sumptuous levels of black and bright, vibrant images even from the widest viewing angle.


Sony moda 3 HI   Sony moda 4 HI


The designer also wanted a mix in screen sizes, including smaller screens to maximize impact. The BZ30L series is available in a compact 32" size, with magnificent 4K image quality, exceptional color and contrast, and 25% anti-reflective treatment. Exceptional color, contrast, clarity, and motion combination. Slim and stylish, the BZ30L is designed for a wide range of applications.

All provided products are designed with sustainable responsibility in mind, an essential point for this partnership.


We always seek more conscious innovations and technologies in everything we do here at Stella. Sony's vision of sustainability aligns with ours, making it a natural collaboration in our Winter 2024 show, Stella McCartney Brand.


As a progressive luxury brand, Stella McCartney has always had a forward-looking vision. It strives to create products with the lowest possible environmental impact while taking responsibility for the resources used and the impact on people, animals, and the planet. The fight against biodiversity degradation and climate change demands that the entire fashion industry work towards transformations that impact our ecosystem as a whole.



Sony moda 5 HI   Sony moda 6 HI


Sustainable development, core of Sony's approach

Equally aware of its environmental impact and that of its products, the Sony group is committed to sustainability, from the development process to the visual experience. Sony is implementing a long-term environmental plan called Road to Zero, which aims to build a sustainable society, with the goal of achieving a zero environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of its products and business activities by 2050.

Faithful to these goals, Sony is increasing the rate of recycled materials in its devices without sacrificing design and durability. The group has reduced the total use of virgin plastic by up to 90% thanks to the SORPLAS™ material developed by Sony. In addition to recycled plastics, Sony is accelerating its efforts by reducing the energy consumption of its products, eliminating plastic from the packaging of newly designed small products, and introducing renewable energies.Sony moda 2 HI215 models of BRAVIA professional screens (including the BZ40L series) incorporate these sustainable elements, from the use of highly recycled SORPLAS™ plastic to the reduction of ink used in cardboard, as well as an optional stand to reduce waste and an Eco panel to better understand energy consumption based on its settings configuration.

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