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La Palma relies on advanced technology from Hikvision for emergency management and sustainable development of the island.

Hikvision has contributed its expertise and advanced technology to the La Palma Smart Island project, an initiative launched by the Island Council of La Palma for the more efficient management of resources, services, and infrastructures that create spaces for interaction among citizens, businesses, and administrations.


The company has implemented its most precise technology and support for active surveillance of forest fires, as well as any other type of incident that may occur within the limits of the La Palma island territory.


The island's terrain, vegetation, and phenomena such as the spectacular sea of clouds add special difficulties in measuring temperature, definition, and placement of the necessary devices for detecting emergency situations. This requires technology that adapts to specific needs, also in aspects such as traffic management, with cutting-edge technological solutions covering even the trails. At the same time, it must be communicable, integrable, and, within this, it must combine infrared vision with natural vision synchronously.

To meet these needs, the project has relied on Hikvision's solutions for the field of video surveillance, encompassed within Artificial Intelligence that offers the possibility to observe activities such as cycling and hiking, fundamental aspects within the goal to be achieved.

The technology provided by Hikvision consists of a camera with optical and thermal capacity, fully manageable. This includes an IoT node that integrates a control solution, data storage, and rule generation locally. Thus, in the event of disconnection from the server, it does not penalize the operation of the system. The camera, in its 360-degree rotation and vertically, facilitates the observation of the terrain's status at all times, both optically and thermally. The double image of each of the areas allows to see pixel by pixel the temperature captured at a distance of up to 7 kilometers.

Based on the sequence of captured images, the entire area monitored by the camera is recomposed, both from nearby and deeper areas. The integration of Hikvision's solutions with Integral Inmotica software allows obtaining different sequences based on height, in addition to maximum definition for each of those squares or frames.

The Hikvision solution installed on the island of La Palma consists of the following elements:

  • Traffic cameras: iDS-TCV900-BI/1140/H1(110/240V) - [Deep learning] 9 MP (1'' GMOS), 4096 × 2160@30 fps 11-40mm
  • Thermal cameras: DS-2TD4167-50/W - Thermal Module: 640x512 17 μm VOx UFPA; 50mm
  • IP Webcam: HIKVISION DS-2CD2T45G0P-I (1.68mm)


The opportunity to participate in this project arises from our excellent relationship with the customer and integrator Integral Inmotica, with whom we have already worked and developed all Smart City projects, traffic systems, audiovisual systems, and, above all, due to the great technical capacity it has through its team of developers and programmers, which allows us to provide the final customer with a turnkey system, says Pepe Rubio, Key Account Manager Levante, Balearic Islands, and Canary Islands - Hikvision Iberia.


The project execution has a deadline of two years and goes beyond the implementation and commissioning of hardware. This will allow starting to visualize, analyze, and have in the dashboards all the information that facilitates decision-making.


At the same time, work is being done for the future improvement and implementation of solutions aimed at meeting the needs in services for inhabitants and tourists, social integration, improvement of the quality of life, and sustainable development of La Palma.

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