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The system will detect if you are subscribed whenever you are logged in with the e-mail you wish to manage. Choose separately the headers in which you want to be the last. The most hot and updated information. From this page you can manage or modify your subscriptions to the newsletter. Also from the ISP Audio & Light Magazine, dedicated to professional audio, spectacular lighting and audiovisual integration for the event, touring and the formation or opening of markets of installers and pro audio towards the integration of systems in more types of Applications.

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On the other side of the pole, is the ISP Music Magazine, which deals with topics of interest to the musician, instrument, importers, international fairs, retailers, technology, didactic studio, instrument and audio pro, recording, direct, DJ, Groovebox, audio for musicians, concerts and small PA, mixers, software, hardeare etc. You can subscribe to ISP Music here:


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