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As always, Unilumin brings its new technology to ISE.

This time at Unilumin booth 12-F60, you will experience UMini product release and feel a new level of visual greatness on 162’’ UMini integrator and 4K UMini-LED0.9. Both of the new products applied to Unilumin’s leading-edge Ultra Mini-LED technology.

Ultra Mini-LED is superior to other mini-led technologies in the market and can achieve explosive resolution, product stability as well as energy efficiency.

Innovation creates possibilities

Unilumin’s cutting-edge technology and products can always be found in industry-leading position.

The UMini Series to be released at ISE2020 are a breakthrough of Unilumin’s long term research in multiple aspects of Mini-LED technology, epitaxial growth, LED chip manufacturing, packaging technology to system integration. The result is Unilumin UMini is the most reliable Mini-LED solution in LED industry.

Thanks to Unilumin’s Ultra Mini-LED technology, UMini achieves a new level of viewing experience powered by 20,000:1 contrast ratio, HDR picture refinement, and more, and presents your vision with an immersive experience that commands attention. UMini also excels in energy efficiency, high collision-resistant, quick response time and wide viewing angle.

The sets also boast 2,000 nits of brightness. That's brighter than today's OLED sets. Strong and impactful, the UMini product release is definitely a hot spot that you can’t miss.

At Unilumin stand 12-F60, ISE2020 you can also get the first-hand experience of Unilumin Super Pixel Pitch Product Family, such as 16K super large screen. UNano with minimum pixel pitch record in the rental industry. And also UHF, the fine pixel pitch flexible screen solution that brings your creative ideas to reality.

Unilumin UMini ISE20 1

Perfect Mini-LED Solution

UMini is the perfect mini-LED solution characterized by high density, ultra-high contrast, dazzling colors, ultra energy saving and ultra protection.

Moreover, UMini has several advantages over first (single device) and second of SMD technology (4-1 device):

1. High density, high resolution and long-term viewing
2. Higher protection: anti-water and collision
3. Higher stability, solve the issue of frequent maintenance
4. Super energy saving
5. Ultra-high contrast
6. High brightness

UMini also presents other technical advantages over COB:

1. More reliable without inner leads
2. Ultra-low power, 40%energy saving
3. Ultra-high contrast ratio
4. High brightness

Unilumin UMini Product series

UMini 4K has applications in the broadcast, commercial, corporate or exhibition-focused industry. On the other hand, UMini Integrator is a suitable choice for use in conference rooms, 4K and 8K home applications, Education and Medical sectors.

Unilumin UMini ISE20 2

Ultra display quality, ultra viewing experience

The u-level screen technology is adopted to completely absorb the stray light from outside, and the lighting does not affect the normal luminescence of the screen, so as to achieve the contrast effect of 20000:1, improve the contrast of light and shade, enhance the picture details, restore the natural color, enhance the sense of science and technology and visual impact.

UMini integrates ultra dazzling and rich color, with high cinema HDR technology. The 120% coverage of gamut fully meets the dci-p3 standard.

More than 28 trillion color displays let you feel the lifelike world up close

Through the smooth optical design technology, filter the stray light effect and make the chips have even light. Achieve a large perspective, no sense of particles when watching and it is comfortable and healthy to watch closely for a long time.

Its ultra 180º viewing angle improves both our vision and our visual health

Unilumin UMini ISE20 3

Use flip-chip technology and dynamic energy-saving technology to achieve a 40% increase in energy saving. Improve the luminous efficiency of the chip, efficient cooling, the maximum brightness of the product can reach 2000 nit, to ensure that in the highlighted environment can also have high contrast, to present a clear picture to satisfy the application requirements of different scenes of customers.

Lamp surface presents a protection rating up to IP54

Finally, it is to mention the Wireless Connection possibility between cabinets, to make the audiovisual experience more optimal and intelligent.