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Barco launches new connected services for healthcare customers: Barco DisplayCare and Barco ManagedCare.

The Connected services offer a certified expert on Barco products as single point of contact, who will support hospitals in managing their diagnostic display fleets.

“Nowadays, hospitals are struggling more and more with an increased landscape of ever-changing regulations, budget pressure, and war for talent. Departments of radiology are searching how to get the highest outcomes out of their extensive fleet of medical displays”, says Ramses De Weerdt, Product Manager for Healthcare Services at Barco.



To support Barco Healthcare customers in this everchanging journey, Barco has developed Connected Services, a new way of managing medical display fleets



Barco Care Connected services have been specially set up to enable hospitals and other healthcare organizations to easily manage their diagnostic display fleets. The Connected services are offered as a subscription, on a yearly basis. Users will also receive a professional extension of QAWeb Enterprise, Barcoʼs QA and compliance software that was recently released. The Connected services are available in two types: Barco DisplayCare and Barco ManagedCare.

Ramses De Weerdt continues: “With DisplayCare and ManagedCare, we want to help our customers take their medical display fleet management to a higher level, by lowering their total cost of ownership, and increasing their compliance level; by means of personal and dedicated service, enabling our end users to focus on what matters most: better patient outcomes.”

Barco DisplayCare

Barco DisplayCare centers on virtual support by a certified expert on Barco products, offering self-service tools and data insights. Barco DisplayCare includes a virtual onboarding, ensuring a smooth implementation process so the tools can be put into practice right away.

Quarterly training sessions via Barcoʼs virtual classroom platform will keep users on top of their diagnostic display fleet. An annual site assessment will enable users to keep the fleet running at optimal levels.

Barco ManagedCare

Barco ManagedCare dives deeper into medical organizationsʼ display fleets, with weekly remote checks, bi-weekly calls, quarterly QA reviews and an extensive annual onsite assessment, offering recommendations for your Barco medical display fleet.

It also offers a Barco products expert as single point of contact. Their service will not only be offered virtually, but also onsite at the healthcare organization itself. They will guide the hospital through the kick-off journey and set up a Barco certified training with a 2-year validity.

Barco Care Connected Services will be available in the US and in designated regions in EMEA.

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