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MeMo is a high performance, ultra-low frequency transducer amplifier bundle.

It was specifically designed for the home cinema and gaming markets. The product, which is manufactured in Italy, is set to transform the entertainment experience by adding a new layer of sound; a layer that can be felt.

The MeMo bundle includes a tactile transducer and a matched amplifier platform that, between them, are able to overcome the physical limitations of traditional systems to deliver sounds that extend well below sub-harmonic frequencies, to bring people into the heart of their favourite music, movie, or game.

With minimal setup required and multiple mounting options, MeMo can be secured to any gaming chair right out of the box or added to a cinephile’s favourite seat to achieve a fully immersive experience. Any chair, once just a point of comfort, immediately and effortlessly becomes part of the action, all through the power of haptic perception.

User-friendly presets

MeMo contains three presets that are conveniently accessible from the backside of the amplifier, which will allow users to choose their favourite audio set up.

Powersoft Memo sillon

For gamers, the professional Class D amplifier can be set up to reduce resonating frequencies between 20 and 40 Hz, giving enabling them to gain an advantage with more realistic and immediate feedback. Sim racers can now feel every inch of the road under their virtual seat thanks to the mighty power of the patented moving magnet transducer.


If a user is more concerned with adding extra depth to their home cinema system, MeMo can be optimised to bump the frequency around 50 Hz and enhance the subharmonic content around 25 Hz, allowing them to keep the sub's volume down, while still delivering the full frequency spectrum.


Finally, MeMo can be optimised for music and multimedia content by using a flat preset with a slight bump between 60 and 80 Hz, which will allow users to feel the kicks that they have recently been missing at live concerts.

Capable of reproducing the frequencies that become lost in translation when gaming with headphones, or watching a movie on a home theatre system, MeMo invites users to not only see and hear a story, but to truly experience it. Boasting incredible precision, MeMo has the ability to envelope users in bass-heavy cinematic sounds, without cranking up the volume and disturbing the neighbours.

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