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Healthcare Operations Centers optimize patient care and clinical operations.

The European Congress of Radiology 2020 virtual event in July was a great success. This virtual event had numerous sessions that gave insights on how Barco can help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise.



Following on from this successful event, we are organizing a dedicated live virtual session on optimizing patient care and clinical operations



So please join us on October 12 from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST to learn how Barco Control Rooms is ensuring patient safety, streamlining bed management and controlling all health systems: these are just some of the responsibilities of the healthcare operations centers.

Barco enables to visualize all parameters of critical care, including camera feeds, sensor data, and planning databases, in a flexible way. This allows better decision making and provide the needed insights for process improvements and optimized patient flow.

The Key learnings and understanding Objectives will be:

  • Market trends and user appreciation
  • What is the clinical command center solution?
  • What benefits does it bring to a hospital?
  • Study cases

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