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Sommer cable presents AES/EBU capable microphone cable SC-SILVER STAGE.

When people are of different opinion silver-plated audio cables are frequently a topic for discussion. From a purely technical point of view, this precious metal has the best electrical conductivity of all metals.

Regarding the sonic impression, opinions on sense and nonsense of such cables often differ greatly. Here Sommer cable tries to shed a light into the darkness: those different opinions are because silver is “alive“ due to the natural oxidation. Unlike copper oxyde, silver oxyde is conductive, i.e. its electrical and mechanical properties can vary slightly over a longer period of time. This also causes the tone color to change, which is why we can observe different audiophile impressions, and some musicians or hi-fi aficionados may perceive the sound of a silver cable as rather neutral, cool, or overly bright.

Of course, Sommer cable wants to avoid such irritations and discussions and therefore uses only tightly concentrically stranded class 6N (OFC 99.9999 %) copper wires for their SC-SILVER STAGE, which are then refined and smoothed with the highest quality silver alloy (935/1000). So they offer a constant performance and can be processed with silver solder neatly and without electrical losses.

The SC-SILVER STAGE (2 x 0.22 mm² / 0.00155 sq in.) has a flexible, but robust outer jacket of 6.4 mm (0.25 in.) in thickness made of a temperature-resistant PVC compound and is equipped with the most advanced gas-foamed, smoothed wire insulation. It has an extremely clear, clean sound and is suitable as a high-class unbalanced connection cable for microphones, mixing consoles and patchbays both at the studio and on stage. With its 120 ohms of wave impedance it remains within the AES/EBU tolerances.

The cable is available both as bulkware and as a ready-made XLR connection cable for instant use.

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