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The new ESB-1090 enterprise soundbar from Yamaha combines premium sound quality.

Yamaha today introduces its new ESB-1090 enterprise soundbar. Equipped with two tweeters, two middle range speakers and two subwoofers, it provides a premium sound experience for different applications. It’s simple and elegant design with the ability for both flat and wall-mounted installation helps to blend into any space naturally.


A built-in gyroscope ensures an optimized sound experience in any montage situation


Yamaha ESB 1090 z 0010 1

The ESB-1090 offers a multitude of connectivity options. Customers can connect it to a TV, PC, or smartphone easily via HDMI, Bluetooth and optical cable. Additionally, three sound modes ensure the ESB-1090 is perfectly suited for various use cases.

The “Conference Mode” features optimized speech reproduction so the far-end voice can be heard clearly.
In the new “Education Mode” which is especially designed for use in classrooms, most operating and control elements are deactivated so that students cannot change general settings.

Yamaha ESB 1090 z 0010 2

"Hotel Mode" is focused on entertainment and makes TV or music content even more enjoyable. In addition, users can easily connect their devices to play their own content.

This unique combination of sound quality, connectivity options, optimized sound modes and smart design turn the enterprise soundbar into the ideal choice for any environment and for conferencing or content playback alike.
Yamaha's ESB-1090 soundbar will be available from July 2021 from well-known Yamaha partners and distributors. The recommended retail price is €255 excluding VAT.

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