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Yamaha's ADECIA conferencing solution is certified to integrate seamlessly with Barco Clickshare Conference.

ADECIA solution is now Barco certified, making it completely interoperable with Barco ClickShare Conference. ADECIA is a complete and intelligent microphone and line array speaker system designed to remove all barriers for equipping conference rooms and classrooms with superior audio quality.

Yamaha Barco ADECIA 1

This furthers the solution’s value, bringing high-quality conferencing to even the most demanding spaces through the finest combination of solutions and API flexibilities. It also expands Yamaha’s Barco certified product line, which includes the YVC Series.

Yamaha Barco ADECIA 2

“The age of digital collaboration demands simple and effective interoperability between devices and conferencing equipment — a goal that we continue to strive for by expanding and deepening our partnerships also in Europe,” said Marcus-Michael Müller, Manager Unified Communications Europe at Yamaha.


“With this certification, we’re effectively broadening the scope and scale of applications where that’s possible. Now, organizations that need to support even larger rooms with professional install audio systems can benefit from Barco's streamlined experience.”


Barco’s ClickShare Wireless Conference range of products work seamlessly not only with user’s display and camera setup without the hassle of physically connecting devices using cables and adapters but also with Yamaha’s conferencing solutions, which now includes ADECIA as well as YVC-200 Portable USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone, YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth Speakerphone, and YVC-1000 Mic and Speaker System.

Yamaha Barco ADECIA 3

Both Yamaha UC solutions and Barco ClickShare operate with all current UC platforms.


“Yamaha innovation in audio quality and installation simplicity offered by ADECIA perfectly complements the collaboration experience we deliver,” said Dave Fitzgerald, vice president, Global Alliances at Barco. “ADECIA was tested and confirmed to work seamlessly with our easy-to-use, agnostic, wireless conferencing solution.”

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