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LEA Professional has unveiled new upgrades to its Cloud and Web UI platforms.

They aim to provide customers with a seamless, accessible, and flexible user experience with the upgrade to version firmware for the Connect Series products.

“It was really important that we plan any upgrades with customer consultation,” said Bradley Drummond, Director, Application Engineering & Consultant Relations at LEA Professional. “We gathered a lot of feedback from customers and users and worked on this Web UI and Cloud update to address that feedback. It’s a lot of small improvements to enhance the entire user experience for our customers.”

The LEA Professional Web UI allows users to get a clear status check of every amplifier connected to the network and a status of every channel on any given amp to monitor channel performance. In addition, the platform gives users the capacity to view and adjust channel settings such as input settings, signal generator, crossover, equalizer, limiter, and load monitoring.


Some of the new firmware upgrades to the interface include a new home page design with intuitive icons to allow integrators to get the information they need within one glance such as the model ID, and improved network status as well as new amplifier sorting options


“Our main goal is to provide a product that supports system integrators and helps make their jobs easier,” continued Drummond. There are several benefits that accompany the use of a Web UI and Cloud control interface, and we know our customers are going to appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness that these updates will provide.”

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