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Energy Sistem and DAS Audio launch the Studio Monitor 4 Hi Fi.


Energy Sistem, a company specialising in personal audio, and DAS Audio, a world leader in the design and manufacture of professional sound systems, launch a product designed to revolutionise the sound in our home: Studio Monitor 4 Hi-Fi. A compact speaker that will turn movies, music and series into a unique experience.


The Studio Monitor 4 Hi-Fi is an active Bluetooth 2.0 speaker that combines professional sound technology with the best features of personal audio. One of its standout features is the additional RCA stereo analogue subwoofer output, which lets you turn the speaker into a 2.1 system.


It also has an optical S/PDIF TOSLINK input for the highest quality audio at home, preventing any electromagnetic noise from affecting the transmission. The MDF (medium-density fibreboard) casing reduces distortion and minimises acoustic resonance.

It is designed for the most personalised home cinema experience possible. That’s why it also comes with treble and bass adjustment, and three sound modes (Cinema, Music and Dialogue). Plus, the HDMI ARC (CEC) port means you can control the Hi-Fi speaker with the TV remote control. 

Two brands, one passion

Studio Monitor 4 Hi-Fi is the result of over one year’s work by Energy Sistem and DAS Audio, who have combined their experience and technological development in two different audio fields: professional and personal use. Two brands that share the same passion for audio, for excellence, and for creating products that respond to their users’ needs.

In 2021, DAS Audio celebrated its 50th anniversary, leading the professional sound segment worldwide with more than 85% of international sales (the United States being its main market). Energy Sistem has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, with a presence in more than 40 countries all around the world, and is currently expanding internationally.

Studio Monitor 4 Hi Fi HI

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