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Sommer cable manufactures cables with CPR approval, ideal for highly classified building installations. 



This applies not only to non-smoking zones, but also to the fire behavior of permanently installed cables, because in the event of a fire, the spread of flame and smoke must be prevented in the best possible way - for the safety of structures and the protection of health and life.


Miguet PascalBefore the pandemic, cables were normally used that complied with simple fire protection regulations (for example, with FRNC sheathing = halogen-free and flame-retardant). During the pandemic, new network connections were increasingly installed in public buildings and - above all - in schools and their media technology rooms for home schooling. Many media technology rooms and conference rooms were also modernized to ensure reliable transmission in the home office. 

Since 2017, the European Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR = Construction Products Regulation) according to EN 50575 must be considered. This directive regulates the use of materials in building installations and classifies communication cables, control cables and power cables, which are intended for permanent installation in buildings and have an impact on the performance of the building, into seven new fire protection classes according to flame spread and heat generation: Aca , B1ca , B2ca , Cca , Dca , Eca and Fca . It concerns cables that have flame retardant properties and guarantee low release of corrosive gases and smoke. A clear table of the classification properties can be found on the Sommer cable homepage:

Asphyxiation or poisoning from combustion gases is one of the most common causes of death in building fires. Fire consumes oxygen in enclosed spaces and carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are produced. Further damage is also caused by toxic and dioxin-containing combustion residues, contaminated extinguishing water, and corrosive and toxic flue gas residues. For these reasons, the legal requirements for fire protection in buildings and shipbuilding have increased significantly.

The previous regulations of the FRNC classes and test methods are therefore obsolete, which does not mean that the FRNC properties such as self-extinguishing/flame resistance previously specified by Sommer cable would be changed as a result. Unless otherwise stated, Sommer cable's FRNC cables are subject to Euroclass Fca .

Sommer cable also supplies various cable families for fixed installation in requirement classes Cca , Dca , Eca from stock, and the range is constantly adapted to current demand.

For this purpose, Sommer cable has certified its common installation cables with the technically best possible fire protection classes in order to be able to maintain the previous designs without major changes. However, it should be noted: The higher the classification, the more immobile and bulkier the cables become and the more expensive the annual testing costs. It is therefore necessary to find a practicable and affordable solution here.

This is because every (higher) classification is associated with considerable testing and certification costs per cable, so Sommer cable does not automatically have every installation cable reclassified, mainly in order to keep sales prices stable. If required, the company will gladly arrange contact with renowned laboratories or have the required cables tested in the laboratory for an appropriate surcharge and certified for its customers according to the requirement classes B2ca , Cca , Dca , Eca and Fca . Cables that are already compliant bear the CE mark.


When planning, please note that not every existing cable can be manufactured and supplied in a CPR with a high fire protection class without possibly significantly changing its specification. Requirements in terms of fire protection presuppose a minimum thickness of the insulation and sheathing material, which is why extremely thin and fragile constructions may have to be reworked. We would be happy to assist you in developing the cable that is right for you, Pascal Miguet, Product Manager Sommer Cable.

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