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Integrated Systems Europe echoes the European Union - Latin America Summit held in Brussels.

The European Union - Latin America Summit is one of the most important events within the Spanish Presidency of the EU, which Mike Blackman, CEO of ISE, attended as a guest of the EU council.


ISE has expressed its intention to make Barcelona, this year, "the audiovisual capital of Latin America from Europe," according to Blackman.


During ISE, Barcelona will host the first AV Latin American Summit on January 30th and 31st, 2024, an event to which the Barcelona City Council has invited presidents and ministers from the main countries in Latin America.


The event promoter continues to state, "It will be a meeting where governments and companies will have the opportunity to share challenges, best practices, study investments, and work together on key aspects of the sector, such as Artificial Intelligence, green transition, productivity, and talent. The sector represents $307 billion this year with an annual growth of 5%, where Europe represents $82 billion, Spain $3.9 billion, and Latin America $13 billion. These topics and magnitudes will shape a top-level agenda where the European Union will also have its space to further improve its relations with this great continent ranging from Mexico to Chile and Argentina, passing through Colombia and Brazil, among others."

ISE states that in the last edition of its event, nearly 10% of the exhibitors came from Latin America, with Brazil being the country with the highest presence, closely followed by Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. New stadium scoreboards, screens for major shows, public address and signage systems, home audio, party venues or commercial complexes, screens and sound systems for major clothing chains, and systems for urban mappings will once again take center stage in Barcelona. The significant novelty is that governments, institutions, and companies will have a new platform for exchange, best practices, and business, which will be the AV Latin American Summit.


For the institution I lead, Barcelona is a determined and secure commitment. Adding the opportunity that this AV Latin American Summit represents for all, we ensure a lasting relationship of affection, admiration, and shared success. - Mike Blackman.

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