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Turning your home into a Smart Home could help you ensure that everything is in order at your house.

Have you ever left home and constantly worried during the journey whether you closed the windows properly, locked the door, turned off the gas and water valves, or left enough food for your pets?


This recurring behavior is more common than you think. Many classify it as OCD, and it involves the need to repeatedly check if everything is in order, a behavior driven by doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, and the concern that something catastrophic might happen if you don't complete these thorough steps before leaving your home.

Having Tools to Feel at Ease Away From Home
Performing a check before going to work or heading out for a stroll is never a bad idea. However, it's true that lack of knowledge about what's happening at home can lead to worry, whether to prevent insecurity or accidents, or to ensure your pets are safe at home.
Marcelo Shen, CEO of one of the leading brands in home surveillance, has observed these concerns among users who adopt his technology.


"While our technology is primarily designed for security, people have found a much broader use for it in creating smarter, more self-sufficient, and better-connected homes," explains the expert. "From cameras for babies or to stay connected with kids, grandparents, or pets at home, to common use in security surveillance both indoors and outdoors, we've designed our technology to meet the needs of every kind of user."

The goal is to ensure that when you leave home, you can maintain a close connection with your residence, allowing you to monitor your home remotely through an application.


"People can not only see what's happening at home in real time but also store a large amount of recorded content on MicroSD cards or in the cloud," adds the expert. "All this information helps dispel the uncertainty of leaving our home unattended."

Surveillance technology offers the advantage of checking that everything is in order at home, with high levels of detail. From confirming if something was left on or connected, to being aware of any behavior that might trigger an alarm, thanks to motion detection and AI recognition systems. These systems can be configured for real-time observation through your cell phone using the app.
Additionally, cameras provide direct interaction with your domestic environment through two-way communication, programmable voice alarms, daytime and nighttime color vision in high definition, as well as the ability to connect with virtual assistants like Google or Amazon Alexa.

"Indoor and outdoor cameras from the H Series, the battery-powered and solar panel camera line, as well as intelligent access systems, are designed to turn homes into Smart Homes and offer an immediate connection to their residents, wherever they may be," asserts the spokesperson. "The unease of leaving home and leaving it unattended affects many people."

Confirming Everything is in Order
If the next time you leave home you feel the need to return to check everything is in order, even if you've already done so minutes or hours earlier, remember that these thoughts shouldn't bother you for the rest of the day. Also, keep in mind that there's accessible technology that can also help you feel more at ease when leaving home, just a click away, with devices and applications designed for remote home monitoring.

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