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Humly will participate in the conference with CEO Anders Karlsson confirmed as a session presenter.

 Humly, a workplace experience company, will demonstrate its suite of Humly Workplace Solution at the Appspace World of Work (WOW23) event from September 27-29 in Nashville.

The demonstrations will emphasize how the Appspace workplace experience solutions seamlessly integrates with Humly’s two premium hardware solutions, Humly Booking Device and the six-time award-winning Humly Room Display. Humly is designated as a WOW23 Gold Sponsor.


Humly's hardware and Appspace's software have been further integrated to develop an innovative hot desking feature, which takes advantage of Humly's integrated sensors and Appspace's resource management capabilities. This integration is expected to revolutionize the market, providing businesses with a new level of flexibility and efficiency.


Anders Karlsson, Humly CEO, will present a 30-minute breakout session titled Three Courses of Cognitive Load in the Workplace and How to Fight Them, taking place September 28 at 3:30pm. Karlsson also will share his insights on how innovative companies can ensure workplace technology improves lives inside the office without introducing new problems or enhancing old ones.


New ways of working require introducing technology and systems that help people navigate the changing workplace environment. Attendees will walk away with thoughts on the causes of cognitive overload in the modern workplace and how businesses can avoid or reduce negative impacts. We aim to share strategies that can help businesses increase productivity, prevent overload, and boost job satisfaction, said Karlsson. 

Humly WOW 1 HIHumly and Appspace together deliver room booking experiences that are sleek, stylish, and secure. Appspace space reservation software is certified for use on Humly’s premium hardware devices, allowing users to book a room on the spot, view meeting schedules, and much more from an intuitive, interactive touchscreen.

Appspace’s WOW23 as a first-of-its-kind user conference for Appspace customers that dives deep into all things regarding the workplace experience, offering “an immersive, Appspace-powered experience”.


In addition to hybrid work technologies, WOW23 will address how digital signage, wayfinding kiosks, and other technologies benefit the modern workplace. 


"As organizations continue to rollout return-to-office plans, they need simple and effective solutions to enable employees to easily find and reserve spaces”, said Paul Alley, Director of Technology & Alliance Partnerships at Appspace. “This partnership delivers on the promise of a seamless, return-to-office experience with innovative hot-desking functionality that saves employees’ time”.


Appspace offers an exciting suite of solutions ranging from intranet to digital signage and room booking. Coupling Appspace with Humly's room and desk booking devices creates an appealing solution for enterprise clients. Hotdesking is a permanent fixture in the industry, and our innovative sensor data output, user interface, and form factor differentiate us from competitors. We are excited to showcase our offerings at WOW23 and introduce Appspace customers to the benefits of Humly, said Johanna Bengtsson, Chief Business Development Officer at Humly.