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Hikvision has increased its revenue in the Display sector by 50% in the last fiscal year, reaching a total of 400 million euros.

This business area is experiencing significant growth; last year, it grew by 80%, and this fiscal year's forecasts place sales at around 500 million dollars, representing a new 25% leap.

This way, the company is revolutionizing its display product offerings and becoming one of the major global players in this market, thanks to its versatility, wide range, and, above all, the exceptional quality of its devices.


Hikvision ventured into the audiovisual market in 2008 and has evolved at a rapid pace, positioning itself as one of the global leaders in LED solutions, with successful cases on every continent.


The keys to success, as highlighted in the campaign A Revealing Journey into the Heart of Our LED Technology, are several. The first key is the impressive 20,000 square meters dedicated factory located in Hangzhou, exclusively for LED technology development. Annually, it produces more than 215,000 square meters of state-of-the-art LED.

The second key is the quality control process, also conducted in-house at the company's testing center, also located in Hangzhou. Here, products undergo various tests, such as waterproofing, climate, or salt spray tests. This ensures that every LED screen that hits the market meets the highest quality standards in all aspects.

In addition, thanks to proprietary technologies and ongoing innovation, the company develops custom LED solutions for various environments: outdoor and indoor displays, different digital signage formats, transparent LED screens that create a completely unique visual experience, splicing screens for creating various shapes, screens designed for training rooms and conferences, and more.

This variety has led Hikvision to develop product lines tailored to different industries, such as retail (shopping malls, large and small stores), office buildings, exhibition centers, training and convention facilities, the education sector, and more.

The high quality of Hikvision's Display products, with in-house manufacturing and quality control, along with the development of specific products for various environments, has established the company as a global reference in the audiovisual device industry.


Our LED screens have been designed to captivate and inspire. These high-quality solutions provide a visual experience that transforms spaces into an immersive journey. Additionally, we offer a wide portfolio of LED solutions designed to meet any need and scenario, the company says.


Hikvision annually invests 11% of its revenue in R&D and innovation and boasts one of the world's largest teams in this field, comprising over 20,000 engineers.

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