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The purpose of this use new application is to group systems of the same model and control their parameters simultaneously.


In the context of ISE 2019, DAS Audio released its new app DASlink Group Manager, which creates and manages groups of VANTEC and ALTEA 700 systems. The new application is designed to monitor and control these systems both in groups and individually. The app, compatible with Android and Apple OS, eases the configuration of cabinet parameters from a mobile device.

DASlink Group Manager allows users to group systems according to their model or physical location, which facilitates and speeds up the setup providing efficient control over the event or installation. The main functionality of DASlink GM is to create groups of systems with different configurations, where not only can the group parameters be modified individually, but also the control of the gain of the cabinets within a group.

By tapping on the screen, DASlink GM accesses the parameters of the systems grouped by "zones", so that the user can adjust them quickly and effortlessly while checking and monitoring the signal that reaches the systems in real time. As a result, the user can prevent clipping in the input and output channels. At the same time, the app allows to monitor the VU of each system, so verifying their performance is a straightforward step.

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Intuitive and easy-to-use

Yet another advantage of DASlink GM is its graphical content. It offers an attractive interface and ease-of-use, consequently accessing the systems is faster and more intuitive than using a conventional physical control. For example, from the home screen the user can access the MUTE and SOLO functions of each group without even entering the parameters window.

Among other handy functionalities, DASlink GM can also assist to identify the cabinets being adjusted thanks to a blinking function. The cabinet logo emits a blinking light which allows identifying and locating the cabinets within an array system. This way, the cabinets can be rearranged in the app as they are physically in the array.

With this possibilities, DASlink GM main goal is that configuring and monitoring systems becomes an easier task within everyone's reach.

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