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The range of SIP intercommunication by OPTIMUS expands its capabilities by integrating with third parties through HTTP/JSON.

JSON stands out as one of the most widely used data exchange formats due to its simplicity, efficiency, readability, and multi-platform compatibility.


The integration allows automatic notification of state changes in devices, such as identifying who is making and who is receiving a call, whether the device is idle or connected, or the time of the event. It also enables easy remote instructions through any browser to perform actions such as calling an intercom, hanging up, ending the call, and activating or deactivating relays, among other functions.


Activating the integration is a simple process that takes place in a few steps from the device's website. This functionality facilitates the integration of OPTIMUS equipment with widely used industrial automation and control tools (SCADA) for data collection, monitoring, control, and analysis through computer applications. These tools are common in security control centers of corporate buildings, industrial plants, banks, and hospitals.

The OPTIMUS SIP series includes, among others, the EP-44SIP intercoms and the EP-44SIPH specific for refuge areas. These devices, designed to withstand vandalism and adverse weather conditions, feature characteristics such as full-duplex bidirectional audio, echo cancellation, noise reduction, web server, metallic call button, active call LED indicator, two relay output contacts configurable for door opening and signaling of open communication and ongoing call. Additionally, they have JSON/HTTP integration to connect with other systems, such as security, alarms, and CCTV.

Vandal protection is certified with an IK10 rating, while its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions reaches an IP65 protection rating when used with the CS-EP mounting box. These devices can be powered by PoE or with a 12V DC adapter, which is included in the equipment. The EP-44SIPH model also features an induction loop, large red SOS letters, a pre-recorded ongoing call message, an accessibility pictogram, and the word CALL in braille, making it suitable for refuge areas according to Annex A of the Technical Building Code CTE DB SI.

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