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The AV Security over IP and AV Specifications, Cables, and Connectors courses will be free for integrators and end-users.

ZeeVee has developed two new AVIXA-certified webinars, one covering AV Security over IP and the other on AV specifications, cables, and connectors, for 2024.


This brings the total number of accredited training sessions for certified solution partners that the company offers to integrators and end-users at no cost or obligation to seven.


Educating the industry on AV over IP technology, applications, standards, and best practices is a fundamental part of the commitment to the professional AV industry. The training program for certified solution partners is a key priority for the company, and we offer these AVIXA-certified courses for free to current partners and customers, as well as all other industry participants, stated Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee.


The new webinars, which started in January, will be repeated throughout the year. They are:

  • Security in an AV over IP Environment (January 25): This webinar will set attendees on the right path to design and install secure AV over IP networks. It will provide a comprehensive overview of potential security risks and an understanding of concepts such as social engineering attacks, role-based permissions, and two-factor access control and authentication. Attendees will receive 1.0 CTS credit.
  • AV Specifications, Cables, and Connectors (February 15): This course will offer attendees advanced knowledge of cables, connectors, and various specifications in the professional AV industry that play a significant role in system design. Key insights into USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort will be included, along with a focus on Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an introduction to various types of fiber optic cables. Attendees will receive 1.0 CTS credit.


The other five current training courses for AVIXA-accredited certified solution partners offered by ZeeVee include:

  • Advanced Imaging (1.25 CTS credits)
  • AV over IP (3.5 CTS credits)
  • Digital Video Distribution Systems Using RF Modulation (1.0 CTS credit)
  • AVoIP Network Planning and Design (1.0 CTS credit)
  • The Power of AVoIP, Open API, and Flexible Control System Integration (1.0 CTS credit)

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