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The new Dante AVIO family consists on analog inputs and outputs, AES3 and USB.

Dante AVIO Adapters are a family of adapters that let audio professionals, sound engineers, system integrators, home recording enthusiasts and more at all levels use legacy analog and digital audio equipment with any Dante network and Dante-enabled product. Live events, houses of worship, fixed installations and more will benefit, because being part of a Dante-connected system allows for scalability, low latency, easy configuration and interoperability that only networking can bring

These adapters bring unparalleled convenience by creating simple, easy-to-use connections and signal management through the Dante Controller software. They eliminate the need for noisy analog connections with ground issues, promising clear and crisp audio over long distances.

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Dante AVIO special features

Each Dante AVIO adapter is a complete, high-performance Dante device, delivering all the automation and ease of use that have made Dante a popular audio networking solution. Dante AVIO adapters are automatically discovered and ready to use when connected, and no separate power supplies are required – just use a common PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch and Dante AVIO adapters are ready to go. The USB adapter can also be powered via USB.

The Dante AVIO adapters are also road-ready and tour-tough. Sonically-welded polycarbonate enclosures and quality hardware are used throughout, while cable assemblies are stress-tested to ensure reliable operation under grueling conditions.

Thanks to networking technology, Dante AVIO adapters are all fully-functional Dante interfaces, with all the features from Dante audio networking. Each one delivers bit-perfect audio reproduction, super-low latency and sample-accurate synchronization across the entire network.

Furthermore, The Dante AVIO family of products is a cost-effective addition to any system or piece of gear, so that it can be affordable for everyone can enjoy the benefits of Dante.

All Dante devices automatically discover one another, and the entire system is managed by our easy-to-use Dante Controller software on any connected PC or Mac. Most importantly, every Dante device can connect to every other Dante device – no questions asked.

 Dante AVIO adaptadores

Analog Inputs

Dante AVIO Analog Inputs allows using analog audio line-level source gear already existed to feed any Dante-connected system. Therefore, there is no need to abandon mixing consoles, wireless mics and other analog sources - just adapt them to the world of audio networking with Dante AVIO. 


Analog Outputs

Dante AVIO Analog Outputs let you drive analog line-level products already existed from any Dante-connected system. The user can bring the amplifiers, powered speakers and more to the world of audio networking with Dante AVIO. 



The Dante AVIO AES3/EBU Adapter allows using your digital audio gear on a Dante audio network, so that the user can keep AES3-connected amplifiers, DSPs and mic preamps.



The Dante AVIO USB Adapter allows connecting any computer to a Dante audio network with zero software installation, and can be used with any audio application for playout or recording, which makes it ideal for conference rooms and presentation events.

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