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Both firms will demonstrate the benefits of reliable foundational and connectivity solutions.


Atlona, in partnership with new owners Panduit, will accentuate the importance of quality network infrastructure and connectivity in the AV over IP ecosystem at InfoComm 2019, that takes place from June 12-14 in Orlando (Florida). Panduit, which acquired Atlona in January, will demonstrate its latest enterprise-level equipment racks, cabinets and connectivity solutions for AV environments in Atlonaʼs booth, with a focus on helping integrators and end users streamline the installation and management of their core system architectures.

InfoComm provides us with an opportunity to close the knowledge gap around how to identify and choose the most appropriate Layer 1 infrastructure for each AV project”, said Amy Hacker, AV Commercial Strategy and Enablement Manager for Panduit. “Weʼre excited to speak with Atlona partners and customers about how Panduit can help them deploy Atlona products easier and faster with quality cable management, reliable infrastructure, and secure connectivity”. In this fair, Panduit will emphasize three solutions at its dedicated station in the Atlona booth: Two-Post Rack System, Wall-Mount Cabinets and Field-Terminable Plugs


Panduit Two-Post Rack System

This dual-column data rack offers a reliable foundation for mounting AV and data center equipment, and is ideal for installation in enterprise-wide IT distribution closets. Its modular design offers side access with plenty of space to efficiently install, manage and organize cables, patch panels and other accessories, reducing installation times by up to 15 percent compared to competitive solutions.


Panduit Wall-Mount Cabinets

Offering the same foundational strength and systems integration efficiency as Panduitʼs two-post racks, these compact cabinets provide a secure and reliable solution for facilities requiring infrastructure and patching solutions in open spaces, or in equipment rooms with limited real estate.


Panduit Field-Terminable Plugs

These modular plugs allow contractors to run horizontal cable direct to equipment, eliminating the need for jacks, surface-mounted boxes and/or patch cords, which reduces installation times and upfront costs by up to 40 percent, while eliminating multiple points of failure.

Panduit WallMountCabinet Open

Panduit will populate the two-post racks and wall-mounted cabinets with Atlona equipment, including OmniStream AV over IP devices; a springboard for a broader conversation about how quality infrastructure and connectivity will ensure that video, audio and data signal integrity is maintained across the ecosystem. Panduit representatives will also be on hand to discuss other infrastructure concerns, including the benefits and ideal scenarios of applying unshielded cable versus shielded cable, for example.

Beyond offering a robust and reliable infrastructure, we look forward to demonstrating how our systems provide the generous headroom and bandwidth required to support the higher resolution of 4K/UHD and HDR signals moving across the enterprise”, said Hacker. “Quality infrastructure directly relates to the quality of the AV signals being deployed. The better the quality of the cable and connectivity you have, the less you need to worry about pixel drops, fuzzy images and other undesirable visual artifacts”.