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Barco's Overture technolgy features now AV remote monitoring and management

Barco, a company specialized in professional AV solutions, has announced that its AV-monitoring and control solution, Overture, has now been enhanced to include remote monitoring and the automated analytics software Insights.

Barco is giving companies, universities and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) the ability to remotely control and monitor any AV device, leading to increased operational efficiency, improved service delivery, and enhanced user experiences. Additionally, through the Insights features, Overture provides both detailed and aggregated analytics on technology adoption, usage patterns, and performance.


Thanks to remote monitoring and the software Insights, Barco is giving companies, universities and MSPs the opportunity increase operational efficiency, improve service delivery, and enhance user experiences.


AV technology has become essential to working and collaborating efficiently in modern work and learning environments. The malfunctioning or poor availability of these AV devices has a devastating impact on employee productivity. An AV RMM solution that allows remote monitoring and control of these devices, will become a key component in running efficient meetings and training sessions, while also reducing costly on-site interventions.

Leveraging its unique, brand-agnostic and easy-to-configure design principle, Overture is going a step further to deliver a multi-tenant solution that offers scalable remote operations to any business of any size.


Remote monitoring for swift interventions

With Overture’s new remote monitoring capabilities, AV/IT operators are automatically notified when certain events occur – e.g. when a device malfunctions, or a projector lamp needs replacement. Based on those alerts, the support team can schedule preventative maintenance and solve the issues before they affect users.

The AV/IT Operations team can remotely control and manage each device individually, while bringing these capabilities together in a secure and scalable Cloud platform allows for smart incident handling by correlating different events. On top of that, you can integrate Overture into your existing support processes and tools, which allows end-to-end traceability and a faster resolution.


With these new improvements, the AV/IT Operations teams can schedule preventative maintenance,  integrate Overture into their existing support processes and tools, and provide recommendations on technology investments.

Driving MSP business opportunities

While collaboration and communications environments in organizations are growing in complexity and geographical span, enterprises tend to outsource their AV/IT operations to MSPs under strict service level agreements.

With its secure and scalable architecture Overture is perfect for allowing MSPs to deliver their services, meeting the required SLAs through a real-time view on all their customer workspaces, while reducing costly on-site interventions.

Using Insights, an MSP can become a trusted advisor for its customers by leveraging the device statistics to provide recommendations on technology investments, workspace design and return on investments based on technology adoption.