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Perspectives in education will be explained: supporting technology, learning, and teaching.

The AVIXA Higher Education AV Conference will highlight a range of different perspectives on how to best enhance the learning and teaching experience through the effective use of AV technologies. Conference delegates will hear examples of good practice cases and take away tips from freely available tools and guidance that may help them in their own businesses. They will also look at emerging and innovative practices and considering their possible application in their own context.

This year’s theme highlights the way in which effective application of AV technology can impact the experiences of many different people. The benefits for students, teachers, people with disabilities and remote learners may be significantly different but AV can have a very powerful impact on all these groups and many others.


By attending AVIXA’s Higher Education AV Conference, delegates will come away with an understanding of the importance of AV in creating appropriate spaces for education and learning. They will take away a combination of practical tips and guidance for immediate application, reflection, and inspiration to support their future developments.

Gill Ferrell is the leader of EUNIS Learning & Teaching Special Interest Group. Ferrell has extensive senior management experience in higher education and has led and advised on the implementation of IT to support all areas of teaching, research, and administration. Her expertise includes areas such as technology-enhanced learning, curriculum design, assessment and feedback and the design of learning spaces as well as strategic planning and project and change management. She has undertaken projects in support of the strategic goals of the English, French, Scottish and Welsh higher education regulators and has a good overview of developments across Europe.

Ferrell is an AVIXA volunteer and moderated the AVIXA “What’s Next… Higher Education AV Integrated Experiences” Conference in 2019. She is the author of a number of reference works widely used in the UK higher and further education sectors and has published reports, journal articles and papers on themes relating to technology-enhanced learning, curriculum design, assessment and feedback, lifelong learning and IT management in the education sector.