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AV in Enterprise: The importance of data & strategy in workplace design.

The AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference on 12th February 2020 in ISE 2020 will highlight the growing availability of data and the opportunity that data analytics provides to enable better business strategies and workspace/system design.

Conference delegates will hear examples of how analyzing business interactions through email, IM, collaboration tools and in the meeting room itself can be used to determine better workspace design, system design and ultimately provide more efficient and user-centric work and meeting space.


Produced by AVIXA in partnership with the AV User Group, this conference provides an opportunity for AV end-users to discuss real-life projects, and take a deep dive into how to bring real value to the customer experience.

Delegates will come away with an understanding of the importance of data and data analytics within AV. They will learn how it can help their and/or their clients’ business strategies and workspace design and provide greater workspace and meeting efficiencies. The conference will expose the opportunities that data analytics provides within the AV industry.


Owen Ellis – Chairman of the AV User Group

Owen Ellis, Chairman of the AV User Group is an industry veteran of 35 years. Chairman since the end of 2009, he has extended the Group’s reach into New York, San Jose (Silicon Valley), Scotland and Hong Kong. The group now boasts over 1500 members.