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ISE connects people and markets and showcases products and solutions from the world’s leading technology suppliers and solutions providers. Its international exhibitors are at the heart of show. Here are some of the Voices of ISE.

Say hi to the next generation of BYOD meeting room solution. QuattroPod USB simplifies plug and play wireless presentations into a single USB cable interface. It is compatible with all types of USB, old and new, including Type-A, and Type-C ports.

Installed inside and out of the sales centre on the Guangzhou Baiyun Kaisa City Plaza, where Kaisa showcase and sell their properties, the LED display solutions from Absen include an epic 3D OOH display, a bespoke immersive LED cave, a seamless LED video wall and four LED strips in the lobby inside the building.

Add a strong voice to your VMS or SIP system with TOA's IP-A1SC15 horn speaker. Combine video and audio systems, automate primary response to emergency situations and respond immediately with live announcements.