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Learn in ISE 2020 why the topic of DXP is currently important, how AI and Big Data bring new value, why LED is a key current market driver, and the way AR adds to digital signage offerings.

PIXXEM is a super user friendly software to program and display incredible and amazing graphic effects on LED matrix. Its simple and great user interface combined with a finger Touch screen interface gives a quick and immediate take control and software management. PIXXEM is very easy to operate and can create all kind of matrix configuration and pixel resolution. Pixxem is perfect for all type and all size of LED projects. With plenty of graphic effects included and a rich and complete bank of great effects, PIXXEM will make true your imagination instantly.

With FLEXIDOME IP panoramic cameras you can capture objects of interest with superb clarity, eliminate blind spots and always see the bigger picture, - even in locations like museums where the highest performance needs to meet aesthetics.

Hitachi’s Durable Medium is a combination of WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage and a web application for customers developed by Hitachi in 2016. It enables each and every customer document, from the first version to the latest, to be stored in a safe and secure way and to be accessible at any time from anywhere.