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University of Essex is continuing to invest in the acquisition of Calibre HQView620A scaler-switchers. The university has seen a dramatic increase in student numbers, requiring it to update all the rooms across its estate such that it has the flexibility to deliver any kind of teaching from any room.

Luke Halls Studio is a multidisciplinary study that has received several awards in the field of audiovisual creations design and projections for artistic performances. They specialize in the production of audiovisual designs and animations for a wide variety of music, theater and dance shows.

Siam discovery, designed by renowned Japanese designer and architect “Nendo”, used 220 screens of video wall in its atrium which are powered by SEADA G4K Creative video wall controllers.

The people of tomorrow definitely went to the loo in style! The VIP-toilets of Tomorrowland 2018, built up in Omni-55 and Poly-55 Bright, never looked so luxurious. Van Overbeek Sanitair was in charge of the execution and LOXO was in charge of the materials.